We are a company with many years of experience working with professionalism and expertise in the production and trade of any kind of wooden packaging and firewood.

  • Fir Boards
  • Beech Elements
  • Wooden Packaging
  • Firewood

In various dimensions: 25cm; 33cm; 40cm; 50cm. And also various rift from 8cm to 16cm (in base of the request). Oak/Beech:100x100x180 or 80x120x180.

New and used Euro Pallets

Euro Pallets bearing the EPAL quality mark, certifying they have been inspected by EPAL, offers global safety.

Only quality inspected Euro Pallets guarantee smooth material flow anywhere. Either within your business or internationally in transport and storage.

Custom Pallets

Golden Gate ows it’s sawmill. Meaning that we are able to produce custom pallets, with specific dimensions for any need.